The 76th POTUS

In the year 2627, President Quincee Abayomi descended from PSS1 (the presidential space station) to address the WC09 (world council of 9, the existing superpowers) in celebration of the 400th year anniversary of The Great African American Revolution of 2227 that eventually changed the world’s laws, structures, and values.

The Chicago uprising of 2225 started the revolution after more than 300 African American men were slaughtered by US government officials disguised as rival gang members in an attempt to self-destruct the black community. To the pendulum reverse swing in the 24th century that brought forth change by the rewriting of the Constitution, the acceleration of science and medicine began. All from the descendants of those same brave African Americans that all agreed collectively that economic power and not weapons would be the key to their absolute freedom!

Size: 30″ x 40″

Paper Print: $110
Canvas Print: $475

All canvas prints are giclee and are signed and numbered. They also comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

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