In My Own Words

I have done and have tried to do a lot of things in my lifetime but my art is the only thing that has always felt right. It was there for me as a child an still today as an adult. No matter whats going on in my life (deaths, heart aches, kids, bills) my art is the one thing I can turn to. It keeps me grounded, consoled, and at peace. I’ve never put a label on my art. I’ve always left that up to critics, consultants, judges, etc., etc…

If you ask me what type of art I do I wouldn’t know what to tell you. I’d just hope it brings joy to whom ever purchases it the way it has to me creating it. I don’t have art hanging in prestigious museums across the country yet, but I’ve come a long way from drawing on that cardboard paper in the back of those pantyhose packages my mom used to give me. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped and encouraged me on my quest of becoming a professional artist even the ones that said I couldn’t do it; thanks for the motivation.
~ Carl Carter